Best Jobs Without a College Degree

Best Jobs Without a College Degree

Monday, February 13th, 2012

According to the findings of the United States Bureau of Labor, around 40% of the jobs in the year 2011 went to people who didn’t have a college degree. This number is expected to reach 60% in the next five years. While, it is always beneficial to get a college degree, not having one doesn’t mean that you can’t gain skillful employment. Let us take a look at some careers which don’t require a college degree.

Careers Without a Degree

Wedding Planner
If you think you are good at organizing events and parties, you can take your hobby a step ahead by taking up wedding planning as your career. Today, most people are too busy to help the bride and groom with planning the decoration, venue, catering, honeymoon etc., and this is where wedding planners step in. You would have to ensure that the wedding is a smooth and a memorable affair for everyone. Most people set up their own shop with start up costs ranging between $2000-$3000. However, if you don’t want to invest your money in this field of work, you can very well work as a freelancer or with a reputed company. The skills required for this career are something that you can best learn on-the-job. You can take the help of a certification program or do a bit of self-study to gain insight into the job role of a wedding planner.

Insurance Broker
Insurance brokers have to sell insurance policies, and they get a commission for every sale they make. Although, it is considered one of the most stressful jobs in the market, as you have to keep selling all day long, many people have made a fortune for themselves by excelling in this field. One of the biggest advantages of this career is that there is no limit to the amount that one can take home every month. The salary depends on your performance,and if you are good at it, you will definitely pocket a good sum every month. Every state has some rules which require an individual to get a license which is preceded by a written insurance examination. These can be easily passed, but as mentioned before, the real test lies in convincing people to put their money in your company.

Power Distributor
There are a lot of people working tirelessly to ensure that we get electricity 24×7. There are boilers and turbines to be monitored and voltage to be regulated. The job is not difficult physically, but it requires one to be active and stand guard for long hours. You may also need to work in rotating shifts, which means that sometimes you might be working nights. There is no requirement for a college degree, but a high school education is necessary. The median income of power distributors is around $40,000.

Motor Mechanic
If you know the innards of an automobile and can fix it on your own, a career as a motor mechanic may very well suit you. There is a lot of technology that goes into the making of vehicles these days, and most of the parts are run by computers and technological devices. To learn the skill of interpreting computers and technology, one can join a vocational course. A lot of learning is done on-the-job. The average salary of a motor mechanic is around $35,000.

Plumber and Electrician
Plumbers and electricians are one of the ubiquitous lot, but the market for them is so big that there is no dearth of jobs. They usually work freelance and individually. The average income is in the range of $30,000-$40,000, which depends to a large extent on the city they are working in.

Air Traffic Controller
The responsibility of an air traffic controller is to ensure that air traffic moves smoothly. They help pilots with taxiing, air traffic, takeoff, weather conditions etc. All candidates are selected by the Federal Aviation Administration, and one needs to clear some medical and drug tests. For more information on this, you can visit the FAA website.

These are not the only career options for people without a degree. In fact, in recent years, many new avenues have opened up, enabling people with just a high school education to gain skillful employment. Some other career options are:

  1. Private Investigator
  2. Real Estate Agent
  3. Event Manager
  4. Technical/Web Writer
  5. Web and Graphics Designer
  6. Court Reporter
  7. Tour Guide
  8. Home Health Aide
  9. Salesman
  10. Fashion Stylist

These were some career options for people who don’t have a college degree. Not having a college education doesn’t mean the end of the world. If you are good at something and can do a job, there aren’t too many people who are going to bother you on the absence of letters after your name. However, to get any of these jobs, it is essential that you develop the necessary skills and have the relevant experience. There are numerous certification programs which can be help you in gaining skillful employment. You should figure out your area of interest and take up a course accordingly. Hard work and a bit of planning can mean that you live a financially stable life.

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